Here at Locale, we understand the importance a well-thought out room can have on a person. When styled right, a room gives someone the opportunity to picture their future as soon as they step through the door. Not only does this attract more potential buyers, but drives up competition too. With the help of StudioF Interior Styling, we harness both buyers needs and styling trends that will appeal to your home’s target market. But here’s a little bit about the process and the steps we take.

Initial Concept Meeting

The first step of the process is an initial meeting with Studio F. The team visits your property and recommends the best styling concepts to implement into your home, as well as identifies any

Calling in the production team

If StudioF have pinpointed a few areas for improvement, they’ll quickly get to work calling in the production team. This network of contractors includes painters, gardeners, handymen and more. Everyone StudioF works with is fast, trusted, and some of the best in the business.

The makeover

Once the small improvements have been made, the StudioF design team begins to bring the project to life. With meticulous attention to detail, they’ll quickly transform your home into a sale ready abode. From here, pictures can be taken and open inspections can commence.

Removing items after the sale

Once the deal is done and your property’s been sold, StudioF will return to remove any rented items to help prepare you for moving out. From here, your new home awaits and the fun part begins.

Maximise your home’s sale price

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